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Love has power to believe in your abilities:::Love can as delicious as honey or bitter as poison. It is up to your heart desire::: Love teaches how respect and care:::Love is the cure for the patients of heart pain:::Love is not a trade. Just love and not expect to be loved:::God has created Love and mad has created haterd:::Love makes a man the most beautiful person of the world:::Exchange gifts with each other. It increases love::: Love is blind it can not see the faults of lover

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to propose a Class Fellow

When are fall in love with a girl who is studying you in your class, School, college or university, there are many different ways to approach to explain your heart feelings. Today I am going to Explain these to help you on my best experience.

  • You will have to borrow a copy or book from her for studying purpose and when giving back then put a love letter in it. For this Job you must have good heart touching words and Excellent writing skills that must attract her on first look. 
  • You can suppose what she like most and have to do that. Mostly girls look awesome personality you must be a suited booted and attractive personality but never be proud or lust. This way will bring her more and more close to you and you will become a rising star in her eyes.
  • Many girl like music and they really love who is more romantic. Romance is the food of soul, there is no doubt all girl love romantic boys. You must be romantic but never be make any flirt. 
  • Here is another big idea. Make a notice on notice aboard about "these 3 students are called in.... by Principal",   share you all planning with other 2 students and reach that place before her. When she will reach here you must be ready to say her best words of her life. If that is too private place than you must bring a Rose to present your honey with love.

According to personal views Valentine day is best opportunity to say her love and make the Valentine day memorable for your own Valentine.

   "I pray for all who fall in true Love, They must get their Love."
"There is no alternative of a True Lover, Love is the feeling which life a Garden of Pleasures." 
Please share your Experience with me. I love to listen from you.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Veena Malik New Kissing Record On Her Birthday

Veena Malik is all set to get kissed on her birthday. According to her bid to break the Guinness Record of getting kissed for more than a hundred times in one minute (yes, only 60 seconds), she will be kissed more than 100 times in one minute on her birthday, which is on February 26. She is excited about the whole thing. She said that it?s like a birthday gift for her to be given the opportunity to create a new kissing world record.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Importance of Love SMS after Fight

Lovers often get into tiffs and after one says something or does something that offends the other, breaking up is hard to do and making up even harder. That's why the use of sms is often a way for couples to make up.

 SMS is a quaint way for couples to send those little love messages that they feel expresses themselves more than using voice to voice or face to face meetings. Often the transgressions are made from both sides and it's tough to own up to one's own mistakes made by anger or jealousy.

 SMS is good because it allows for those sweet messages that can lead up to bigger things. Sending a message like “I miss you” or “I still love you” can mean a lot. If the guy or girl really feels like they should take their part in getting things smoothed out then they can get such cuter messages and quotes from online venues.

 There are lists of rhyming love letters and quotes, often from popular or old songs that can be used here. Make no mistake, it's better to sms and get back the love of your life than to not sms and lose the love of your life.
 Take your time, look at the situation at hand and think hard about what happened to cause the rift between yourself and your lover. Were you rude? Did you forget a birthday? Did you make fun of their looks? Sometimes we say and do things without thinking and if the person really loves you they'll get past their anger or hurt and then realize that you were being silly. However, that doesn't mean you just sit on your hands and hope for Cupid to show up and shoot more arrows like those Valentine's Day cards and promotions, you have to take the high ground and get proactive. Whip out that Smartphone and send those love sms without further delay.
 Don't overdo it but don't underdo it. Sending a message an hour is good. If they haven't picked up their messages in a while they'll be stunned to see that you've taken the time on an hourly basis to share your feelings. If and when they do respond you'll know you're getting through. If they respond with hostility or some other negative emotion, don't lose your cool. Just keep sending those cute sms quotes until they finally cave in.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Romantic Poem

For My Love,.... ♥ ♥ ♥

Tonight when you look up at the stars..♥
..try and count them all,
I miss you that much..♥


...When you go to the beach..♥
♥..try to count every grain of sand,
I trust you that much..♥
When you go in the water..♥
♥..try and count each drop of water in the ocean,
I need you that much..♥
When your heart beat..
♥....try and count each and every beat for a day,
I love you that much....♥ ♥ ♥ Present Ideas